Europeans 2024: Jordan Bardella in the lead, Valérie Hayer second… Discover all the results

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08:38, June 10, 2024

The French voted today to elect deputies for the European Parliament. The National Rally list of Jordan Bardella is in the lead ahead of that of the presidential majority of Valérie Hayer and the “Socialist Party and Place Publique” of Raphaël Glucksmann. Europe 1 takes stock of the first results of these European elections.

The French went to the polls to elect deputies for the European Parliament. Jordan Bardella’s National Rally list leads these elections with 31.36% of the vote.

In second position, we find the Renaissance list, led by Valérie Hayer, with 14.6%. Followed by the list of Place Publique by Raphaël Glucksmann with 13.8%, La France insoumise by Manon Audry with 9.9%, the Republicans with 7.2%, the list of Europe ecology Les Verts with 5.5% and Reconquête ! with 5.47%.

48.6% abstention

Further away, and not qualified for the European Parliament, follow the list of the French Communist Party led by Léon Deffontaines (2.5%), Rural Alliance under the aegis of Jean Lassalle (2%), that of the Animalist Party led by Hélène Thouy (2%), from Lutte Ouvrière led by Nathalie Arthaud (0.4%) and from the New Anti-Capitalist Revolutionary Party led by Selma Labib (0.1%).

Finally, note that abstention reached 48.6% of registered voters. This is more than two points less compared to the 2019 election.

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