Europeans: Jordan Bardella will demand a dissolution if he comes first

Europe 1 with AFP

Jordan Bardella, who leads the RN list for the European elections, indicated on Wednesday that he would demand a dissolution of the National Assembly if he came first on June 9.

“I will ask for the dissolution of the National Assembly that same evening,” warned Jordan Bardella on BFMTV and RMC. The far-right leader believes that “the European elections are the only occasion, the only national election of the five-year term, which should therefore allow the French to express themselves on government policy, to make their anger heard at Emmanuel Macron and therefore, to designate the political movement which will be responsible for preparing the alternation.

In a Toluna-Harris Interactive poll published on Wednesday, the National Rally list received 30% of voting intentions, followed by that of the Macronists, credited with 16%. “When we are in power, when we are 10 to 15 points apart from the first opposition party, there is a problem, not of legitimacy, but of credibility for the presidential majority,” argued the boss of the RN. According to him, “the President of the Republic will have no other solution than to return to the polls.”

Jordan Bardella also estimated that “54 days before the European elections, everyone is talking like us”, targeting in particular the Prime Minister, who must make announcements this week on security. “I would like there to be elections more often because the executive has done the exact opposite of the firm postures that Gabriel Attal is adopting two months before a European election where the National Rally is in the lead” , he quipped.

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