Europeans: two weeks before the election, the presidential majority more disunited than ever

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4:42 p.m., May 29, 2024

What is happening in Macronie? As the Europeans approach, the presidential camp is experiencing internal tensions. Between contradictory remarks and behind-the-scenes score-settling, some criticize the spirit of defeat which already reigns in the ranks.

It’s a final straight line that resembles the stations of the cross for Valérie Hayer. Less than two weeks before the election, there is still no visible momentum in the polls, and statements are causing confusion.

An election already decided?

Because, when the head of the Macronist list declares: “I do not make a link between immigration and delinquency”, the spokesperson for the Renaissance deputies, Maud Bresson, absolutely does not make the same diagnosis: “There is today ‘Today in France, not all the time, but sometimes, a link between insecurity and immigration And you have to be blind to say the opposite.

Differences in approach within the same party, but also with Horizon’s allies. On Sunday, Édouard Philippe thus distanced himself from Emmanuel Macron on the relevance of debating with Marine Le Pen before the Europeans: “It surprises me. I’m not sure that I would have imagined that spontaneously, it was a good idea. But That’s it, it’s the President’s idea.”

Instead of closing ranks to form a unit, everyone prefers to play their part. They are already in the aftermath, notes, disappointed, an advisor from the Élysée. As if the election was already decided.

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