EUROPLASMA – 500 tonnes of Italian asbestos arrive in France to be destroyed at high temperature on the Inertam site – 06/05/2023 at 07:30

As part of the partnership agreement with the Italian company FURIA (see press release), Inertam and its partner have received the consent of the competent authorities to transport the 500 tonnes of asbestos waste, for which the cross-border transport authorization request had was initiated last February, in order to be definitively destroyed by Inertam’s high temperature process. This volume represents for Inertam a turnover of nearly one million euros.

As a reminder, FURIA notably operates a hazardous waste collection platform with an annual capacity of 223,000 tonnes with a view to sending them to dedicated recovery channels. This is the reason why Furia chose the Inertam process insofar as it is currently the only way to treat and recover asbestos waste.

Indeed, while guaranteeing the protection of public health and the environment, the Inertam process is part of a logic of circular economy since it makes it possible to transform highly toxic asbestos waste into an inert material similar to basalt. (Cofalit®) and recovered as backfill for road sub-base.

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