"Eurovision France": Natasha St-Pier "unrecognizable"? Her face troubles Internet users: Current Woman The MAG

For the broadcast of the show Eurovision France, you decide, presented by Stéphane Bern and Laurence Boccolini, several pre-selected artists performed in front of a jury made up of several celebrities. It was after a spectacular evening on January 30, 2021 that viewers of France 2 were finally able to elect the national representative during the competition Eurovision of the song 2021. This is Barbara Pravi, a young woman, who has conquered the public with the title here. Music that charmed its audience since the artist did the feat of being at the top of the public votes, but also ten members of the jury chaired by singer Amir. Among the members of the jury, Natasha St-Pier particularly appealed to Internet users, they found it so changed. The pretty 39-year-old singer has fallen for a haircut that's totally different from the ones she's had in the past. Her hair favorite: the mother is now blonde. But it is not the new haircut of the mother of Bixente that has challenged Internet users but her face!

Net surfers divided on Natasha St-Pier's new look

And the least we can say is that on social networks, viewers did not go dead hand! "We agree that Natasha St-Pier did something to her face ???","Really happy for Natasha St-Pier's surgeon who must have made a lot of money, well done sir ","She is unrecognizable. The surgery went through this ", could one read among the comments on Twitter. Fortunately for the interpreter of You will find, not all internet users were of the same opinion. "But anything …. The only intervention is for a mole …. Some Internet users have nothing else to do than to wonder about meaningless trivia … Simple change of hair color = change of appearance ", wrote one viewer, defending the Canadian singer.

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