Eurovision: One of the winners goes to war, heartbreaking farewell to his darling

On Saturday May 14, Ukraine unsurprisingly won the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, just ahead of the United Kingdom. This is the group Kalush Orchestra, with its title Stefania, who won. A few hours after this widely hailed victory in Europe, singer Oleg Psiuk and his comrades were to return home to return to fight against the Russian armed forces. The artist had time to kiss his companion before leaving for the front.

As related by Mail Online, who shares photos of the heartbreaking farewell between Oleg Psiuk and his darling Oleksandra, so the time has come to return to combat. Sunday May 15, after winning theEurovision from the stage at the PalaOlimpico in Turin, Italy – following Maneskin’s victory last year – and a stint on the show’s set Che Tempo Che Fa, in Milan, Oleg Psiuk was seen leaving his hotel, waiting for a taxi. The singer then shared tender kisses with his lover, aware that he is not sure to see her again… Indeed, due to the rules imposed by Ukraine, at war against Russia, the artist is of fighting age and must therefore be mobilized to defend his country. He had obtained with his group an authorization to leave the territory to participate in Eurovision – the competition, on the other hand, banned Russia this year – on condition of returning the next day…

We would like to thank everyone who voted for Ukraine. This win means so much to us. This victory will boost the morale of the troops and lead to other victories all over the front (…) People are getting killed in this war or fighting or losing their jobs in Ukraine, this is not the most opportune to celebrate (…) Our culture is under attack. We wanted to introduce our music to the world last night. I Wrote This Eurovision Song For My Mom Long Before The War But Eventually It Started To Have Many Meanings To Different People“, proclaimed Oleg Psiuk in a press conference.

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