“Eurovision Song Contest” – nail-biter for Switzerland, sympathy points for Ukraine – News


The Swiss candidates have shone at the last two editions of the ESC. The expectations of this year’s singer Marius Bear are correspondingly high. But its competition is also great.

The good news first: The ESC betting offices see Switzerland in the final. The bad: It’s going to be tight. Because only ten countries can qualify in the first semi-final on Tuesday. And the betting shops are currently predicting 9th place in the semifinals for the Swiss candidate.

So far these are just predictions. But: “Betting odds are a good indicator,” says Tom Glanzmann, President of the Eurovision Club Switzerland and co-founder of the ESC blog “”. In recent years, these predictions have often come true or at least clearly indicated the trend. And according to Glanzmann, Bear’s song “Boys Do Cry” is also in the lower places in online surveys.

Nevertheless, Glanzmann is optimistic: «There is a lot to be said for Switzerland’s entry into the final: on the one hand the voice and the staging. But also the fact that the three songs before Switzerland and the song after it – to put it diplomatically – are rather less convincing. »

Bookmakers see Ukraine as the winner

According to the bookmakers, there is a clear favorite at this year’s singing competition: Ukraine. Rapper Oleh Psjuk competes with the song “Stefania”. “There’s a lot of solidarity and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t welcome Ukraine’s victory as a great sign of a peaceful world,” says Tom Glanzmann, assessing the mood in the ESC community.


Tom Glanzmann

President of the Eurovision Club Switzerland and co-founder of the ESC blog «»


Despite probably many sympathy points, a victory for Ukraine is not yet a sure thing. Because it doesn’t just need the votes of the audience – half of them are determined by a jury of experts. And this should primarily evaluate the songs detached from political emotions. And Ukraine is not a favorite everywhere: “All major polls among fans give a similar result: 11th and 12th place for Ukraine.”

Italy and Sweden among the top favourites

Sweden and Italy are also traded in the front places. Italy won the ESC last year, which is why the singing competition will be held in Turin this year. Italy has always been at the forefront with its artists in the recent ESC past. But Sweden is also one of the top favorites almost every year. «The preliminary decision in San Remo will be followed throughout Italy. That is why the ESC has a high status in the country. It’s similar in Sweden, »explains ESC expert Tom Glanzmann. This fact automatically attracts brilliant musicians and experienced songwriters.

The ESC top favourites

According to Glanzmann, Spain, the Netherlands, England and France also have a good chance of placing well this year. Along with Italy, they belong to the so-called “Big Five”. It is the five countries that are directly in the final, as these countries contribute the most to the pot of the “European Broadcast Union” and ensure high viewer numbers.

Is there a “sausage effect”?

Who falls down and who swings up, shows up more and more clearly the longer. Nevertheless, it remains exciting. Because the ESC always has surprises in store. In 2014, for example, the betting shops did not have Conchita Wurst on their radar. The bookmakers then became aware of them during the rehearsals. And finally she brought the “Eurovision Song Contest” to Austria.

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