Eva Benetatou: is the TV star getting a boy or a girl?

Eva Benetatou
Is the TV star getting a boy or a girl?

Eva Benetatou is happy about the “greatest gift on earth”.

© imago images / Sven Simon

Eva Benetatou revealed the gender of her baby. The reality TV star had confetti rained down in a small ceremony.

Eva Benetatou (29) has with an Instagram video the baby gender revealed. With a needle and a short prick in a balloon, the mother-to-be lets rain blue confetti in the short clip. Then she holds a blue letter balloon in the shape of “boy” (in German: Junge) in her hands.

“The long wait is finally over. I can hardly believe my luck and I am immensely proud to be a mom soon. The greatest gift on earth!”, The 29-year-old writes about the video. The post received numerous congratulations for the mother-to-be of a son, including the pregnant Georgina Fleur (31), the new twin mom Tanja Szewczenko (43) and the pregnant Yeliz Koc (27). The latter is expecting a girl and therefore jokes in her comment: “Who knows, maybe it’s something for my little one.”

In February, the ex- “Bachelor” candidate Eva Benetatou and her boyfriend at the time Chris Broy (31) announced the pregnancy. At the end of April, Benetatou tearfully announced the breakup on Instagram. Since then, there has been speculation about the reason for the separation.