Eva Mendes: "She's getting old" – actress counters brilliantly


Some women have to endure stupid comments about their age. But how do you react to it? The American actress now provides great inspiration Eva Mendeswho has been married to actor Ryan Gosling (39) since 2011 and has two daughters with him.

On Saturday Eva Mendes, who turns 46 in March, posted a video on Instagram showing her working as a designer for her collection at New York & Company. She writes: "Back to work, design meeting", and further: "I'm sending some extra love to all of you – for now and always. Thank you for always sending me so much positive and love about your comments. When I have the time, I read most of it and it makes me so happy that there is so much love around me. I will send them straight back to too. Ten times as much."


Nasty old saying

There are many friendly reactions to the post. But a woman reacts really mean and completely disrespectful. She comments on Eva Mendes' video with the words: "It is getting old".

Eva Mendes, however, is not irritated by this and countered calmly: "Yes, that's right. Thank God I'm getting old. That means I'm still here. I will soon turn 46 and I am grateful that I am getting older. Should your comment make me feel bad? He does not have. It makes me thankful. So thanks for the reminder that I am still there. "Hats off, what a strong reaction!

With kindness against the trolls

Eva Mendes likes to be friendly on social media when nasty trolls try to make life difficult for her. She recently posted a happy video in which she whirls in front of the camera in a colorful dress from her collection. She writes: "I LOVE THIS DRESS!"

Again there was a mean comment. One user wrote: "I don't like this design, you need a better designer, you're too pretty for these ugly patterns".

Eva Mendes also reacted very friendly in this case and let the critic go astray. She wrote: "I'm so sorry you don't like it. It's actually my favorite part of my new collection. But I'm sure there are other things that you like. If not, Kate Hudson and Gabrielle have Union created some great clothes, so there is definitely something for you. All the best for 2020! "

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