Evacuation from Kabul: Baerbock: Should bring over 50,000 to Germany

Evacuation from Kabul
Baerbock: Should bring over 50,000 to Germany

The time for the rescue operation from the airport in Kabul is becoming increasingly scarce. According to Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock, tens of thousands of people would have to be flown to Germany. A committee of inquiry into the disengagement debacle also seems increasingly likely.

The Green Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock speaks of well over 50,000 people who would have to be evacuated from Afghanistan and brought to Germany. This includes family members of local staff, journalists and human rights activists, said the party leader in the ARD summer interview when the chaotic conditions surrounding the evacuation of foreign citizens and local employees of foreign troops and organizations from Kabul were addressed.

In addition, like the FDP and the Left, she has spoken out in favor of a committee of inquiry into the failings of the federal government in withdrawing from Afghanistan. “We have to come to terms with that”. The committee must come, regardless of who heads the next federal government. “We can’t just keep quiet about what happened in the disaster,” emphasized Baerbock. It’s about learning from mistakes. With regard to the ongoing evacuation operation, Baerbock said that “this great humanitarian disaster will not be brought under control” if the United States does not make it clear: “You will remain in place as long as people have to be rescued.”

It is foreseeable that there will only be a few days left for further rescue flights. The US actually wants to complete the withdrawal of its troops by August 31st. A continuation of the evacuation operation without the USA is excluded. The British government advocated an extension of the rescue mission on Sunday. Baerbock also called on the German government to invite other states to an Afghanistan conference. China, Russia and neighboring countries of Afghanistan would have to take part in order to clarify where people could be brought to safety who now feared for their entire family.

“Yes, there were setbacks in the candidacy too”

Regarding the recent increasingly poor poll results of the Greens in the race for the federal election at the end of September, Baerbock continued: “Everything is completely open”. Her party’s goal was still to lead the next government. According to an Insa survey, the Union and the SPD are tied for the first time since April 2017 – each at 22 percent. For the Union, this is the lowest value the polling institute has ever measured. The SPD gained two percentage points, the Union lost three. The Greens gave one point to 17 percent. A few weeks ago the Greens were still clearly ahead of the SPD and in some cases even on par with the Union.

“Yes, there were setbacks in the candidacy as well,” said Baerbock, referring to her own mistakes in the election campaign, such as income that was reported too late or inaccuracies in her résumé. It is now important to regain trust and learn from mistakes. “I am running for a renewal in our country.” This applies above all to climate protection, which must be promoted. “It’s about doing now.” A social balance should be achieved through a higher minimum wage of twelve euros. In addition, the funding for the switch to used electric cars should be expanded.