Evasion of Rédoine Faïd: the “king of beauty” returned to the assizes with ten alleged accomplices

He had fled in a few minutes by helicopter, after several weeks of preparation. The multi-recidivist robber Rédoine Faïd will be tried, along with ten alleged accomplices, for his spectacular escape from a prison in the Paris suburbs in 2018, followed by three months on the run.

Back to the assizes for the “king of beauty”. The multi-recidivist robber Rédoine Faïd is sent back to justice with ten other people, after his spectacular escape from prison, Réau, in Seine-et-Marne, on July 1, 2018, we learned Thursday from a source close to the file. . Two of his brothers and three of his nephews will notably be on the dock, according to the order of indictment (OMA) of the investigating judges issued on Wednesday. They are suspected of having helped him in the organization and the realization of his escape, then during his run until his arrest three months later in Creil (Oise).


Depending on their supposed degree of involvement, the eleven defendants will appear at the assizes to “escape”, “aircraft hijacking”, “kidnapping and sequestration”all in an organized gang, or even “conspiracy”. The end of the investigation is a sign, according to two of Rédoine Faïd’s lawyers, Me Marie Violleau and Me, “to sound the death knell for the inhuman and shameful treatment imposed” to their client, placed in solitary confinement since his arrest. Rédoine Faïd, now 49, escaped thanks to an armed commando who had been dropped off by helicopter in the main courtyard of the Réau penitentiary center.

After three months on the run, the robber was arrested on October 3, 2018 in Creil (Oise), the city where he grew up. The examining magistrates ordered the abandonment of the proceedings against his landlady, considering that Faïd had imposed himself at her home under duress. They also dismissed Joseph Menconi, a figure in the Corsican community for a time suspected of having been asked to provide part of the logistics necessary for a plan to escape Rédoine Faïd from the prison of Fresnes (Val- de-Marne) planned for 2017: they could not “formally establish his participation in the facts” despite “a bundle of presumptions”.

“I am delighted with this result”said Joseph Menconi’s lawyer, Me Amaury Auzou. “From the start, we answered all the questions, provided as many elements as possible to demonstrate that he had absolutely nothing to do with the facts that were linked to him. In reality, he did not even deserve an indictment in this case.he added.


Today, Rédoine Faïd is in solitary confinement in Fleury-Mérogis. He receives there, once a month in the visiting room, visits from his “friend” Yazid Kherfi, ex-robber turned mediator. “He’s solid, he gets up early in the morning, he tells me ‘I’m hanging on, I’m not going to kill myself, I play sports, I talk, I read a lot of books'”philosophy in particular, he argues. “I think that during his trial, he will tell the judge that he was in the quiet visiting room and then we came to get him”predicts Yazid Kherfi.

Redoine Faïd served more than ten years in prison after being sentenced in 2002 and 2003 for robberies, before being released in the spring of 2009 on parole. He was then sentenced in April 2018 to twenty-five years’ imprisonment for his role as “organizer” in a failed robbery in 2010, which cost the life of a municipal police officer, Aurélie Fouquet. Already, in 2013, he had escaped in less than half an hour from the prison of Sequedin (North), using four supervisors as human shields, before being taken back six weeks later in the Paris region. Even before the verdict of the Assize Court, given his current convictions, his release from prison is set for September 2046.

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