Even more Schlesinger felt ?: RBB should continue to pay salaries to ex-managers

More Schlesinger felt?
RBB should continue to pay salaries to ex-managers

After the RBB had to grant a secret bonus system under ex-director Schlesinger, new revelations put the rest of the top broadcasters under pressure. Apparently, retired top managers continue to collect salary until they retire. The broadcaster is silent.

There are new allegations against the recalled RBB director Patricia Schlesinger. The online medium “Business Insider” reported, citing booking documents, that supposedly retired RBB employees continued to receive a salary. Several cases have been listed, including one at the head of advertising subsidiary RBB Media. At the request of the medium, RBB referred to a confidentiality agreement and did not provide any further information.

A research team from RBB also took up the new allegations and named payments in the case totaling more than 700,000 euros by 2026. About the employee in question it said: “According to information from the RBB research team, he formally still has a permanent position there today and is even standing in the vacation plan.” According to the report, a confidant of Schlesinger got his post.

New administrative director developed bonus system

“Business Insider” also went into the list of the remaining management, which is now responsible for the station after Schlesinger’s departure due to numerous allegations. Administrative director Hagen Brandstätter recently became managing director, and his position as administrative director was taken over by HR manager Sylvie Deléglise, who is said to have had something to do with severance pay rules – as did legal director Susann Lange. According to “Business Insider” the two women are said to be married to each other. The RBB emphasized that the relationship between the management and the committee chairmen was known. “Business Insider” also reported from a company meeting that Deléglise had disclosed the marriage to Lange, but both are now said to be separated.

An RBB spokesman also told the online medium that Deléglise was involved in the development of the bonus system in her previous position. “The initiative for this did not come from her, but from the board of directors.” The broadcaster announced that the initiative had actually come from the chairman of the board of directors.

Attorney General determined

Like Schlesinger, the resigned chief inspector Wolf-Dieter Wolf has been accused of nepotism for weeks. Both rejected them. The Berlin Attorney General is investigating. An external investigation into a law firm is also underway.

The RBB informed the medium “Business Insider” that the Human Resources department was also entrusted with the final evaluation of target achievement. The management only disclosed the bonus system and the top salaries after massive public and internal pressure. Hagen Brandstätter then announced that they wanted to forgo bonuses this year and said they wanted to work towards an end to variable payments altogether with the board of directors.

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