Evening make-up: 5 steps to the perfect look in the video

In 5 steps to the perfect evening make-up

With a glamorous evening make-up you are the eye-catcher at every event! Here you can find out what you should pay attention to so that the look succeeds.

Evening make-up: This is part of it

During the day it can be fresh and a little more subtle, but when we dress up in the evening, we want the make-up to shine just as brightly as we do. You should not skip these steps for your evening make-up:

1. Primer

A lot can go wrong with the Foundation. This base has to be really perfect so that the rest of your evening make-up really comes into its own. A particularly effective foundation trick is to buy two colors at the same time. So you can do that for yourself mix the perfect sound yourself! If you apply the primer with a brush, make sure that you work your way from the inside out – otherwise there will be unsightly edges.

2. eyes

An evening make-up includes a glamorous eye make-up, like Smokey eyes. This emphasizes your eyes ideally and also looks very elegant. You can find out which eyeshadow you need, how to create the perfect eyeliner and much more in the article on smokey eyes make-up.

Tip: Haven’t found the right mascara for your eyelashes yet? We have tips for every eyelash type.

You can also shape your eyebrows so that the beautiful eye make-up really comes into its own. We explain how to do this best in the article Trimming eyebrows.

3. Blush

around your face to give contour and to let your complexion shine, a blush is the perfect choice. Depending on the skin tone, some colors fit better, with light skin a z. B. a rosé ideal. A dark type can go for an apricot and medium types radiate with berry tones. And this is how you can apply blush.

4. mouth

Should the eyes be in the foreground or rather the kiss mouth? A shade of red is the classic on the lips and always looks classy – and goes well with any outfit. A gloss for evening make-up is less powerful but no less glamorous.

5. Highlighters

A highlighter has been one of the absolute must-haves for a long time. In addition to the highlighter, you also need a blender or blush brush. Apply the highlighter to these areas:

  • Bridge of the nose, this makes the nose appear narrower
  • Under the eyes up towards the temples as this makes the eyes look more awake and the cheekbones look higher
  • Between the eyebrows, that makes the face appear symmetrical

You can find even more beautiful inspirations in party make-up. And the perfect hairstyle for your evening look is waiting for you in the glamor hairstyles, bet?!


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