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Every 10 pregnant woman suffers from this problem – you too


In the third trimester pregnant women often do not feel very sexy anymore. It does not make the sudden snoring that affects every tenth pregnant woman any better. Is it going away again?

There are some prejudices that are quite right. For example, men tend to snore more often than women. Is just the way. Somehow a male thing. But especially in pregnancy, the most feminine of all circumstances, that can change.

Three to four percent of all women start to snore as soon as they get pregnant. At the end of the second trimester, it is already more than twice as many. But why is that?


Three reasons why pregnant women snore

“In the course of pregnancy, the tissue loosens up in the entire body of the woman, including the nasopharynx,” explains midwife Ulrike Geppert-Orthofer, a research associate at the University of Freiburg, opposite the pharmacy magazine Baby and Family . Another aspect is the increase in weight, which increases the pressure on the abdomen and promotes snoring. Last but not least, the hormone changes in pregnant women make the mucous membranes in the nose swell.


Three times help with snoring

The good news: After pregnancy, the safe snoring disappears as quickly as it appeared! With the regression of the pregnancy changes normalize nasal mucous membranes, stomach and hormones, the snoring disappears.

Until then, it means: Suggest the earplugs to the partner, even if possible sleep on the side and increase the humidity in the bedroom.

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