"Everyone in the kitchen": Kad Merad comes to the rescue of Julia Vignali, dropped in the recipe: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Julia Vignali was the star guest of All in the kitchen, Thursday, June 11, 2020. The presenter of Best pastry chef was behind the stove to prepare the gourmet recipes of the day: fish marinated in citrus fruits and Japanese pearls, banana. A few minutes after the Stéphane Plaza tornado was surprised in the chef's personal kitchen, she received a little help from her companion, Kad Merad. She could not cut the fish as directed by the professional. "Even when cooking, you have class", then let go of Cyril Lignac when the actor came to the rescue.

Kad Merad and Julia Vignali are not used to showing off together. The lovers met by chance on the set of C to you in February 2014: that day, the presenter replaced Anne-Sophie Lapix, usually in charge, and promoted her film Supercondriac. This meeting marked The beginning of a beautiful story, as he revealed at the microphone of RTL in February 2019: "The first time I approached her physically, it was there. I will not say after how it happened (…) And then we, we do not necessarily put forward this story. We have a private life, children. And I don't want to tell everything. "

A "happy" couple

Julia Vignali and Kad Merad formalized their love story during the Magritte cinema ceremony in Belgium in February 2016. Since then, they have lived their idyll peacefully. "We are a happy couple, we lead a simple life", said the 44-year-old presenter in the columns of Gala in October 2017. Then she continued: "He has his shoots, I have mine. But I love it, it's great! You mustn't see each other too much, it's the secret. We find our balance in independence and mutual admiration".

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