“Everyone in the kitchen”: Stéphane Plaza arrives at Cyril Lignac's place and wreaks havoc: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

No, he did not come to get his hands dirty … Thursday June 11, 2020 in All in the kitchen on M6, Cyril Lignac welcomed a sizeable guest to his Parisian apartment on the occasion of "the surprise visit of the day". This time, Stéphane Plaza played the game. The famous French real estate agent knocked on the chef's door directly.

"This is not for sale!", immediately let go of Cyril Lignac once facing Stéphane Plaza. "We're live, I'm going to sell your kitchen, it can trigger a crush", replied the surprised guest who then marveled at the place: "But it's beautiful in your house! Center island, storage, worktop … it can trigger a crush. It's beautiful that". "I like it. What a space! It's beautiful! I'm sure Jérôme Anthony is not that tall", he then added facing a Hilarious cyril lignac.

But Karine Le Marchand's great friend did not stop there since he revealed part of the address of the show's "clerk" … Jérôme Anthony then replied by revealing almost all of his number phone before declaring: "I love you my Stéphane too much, I'm not going to give your number. It's okay, we're done".

Stéphane Plaza soon back on M6

There is nothing trivial about the surprise visit to Cyril Lignac's personal kitchen. As of Monday, June 15, Stéphane Plaza will resume the time slot occupied since the start of confinement by the cook to present new episodes of Apartment hunters. Friday June 12, the judge of Best pastry chef will host the last issue of All in the kitchen on M6, much to the dismay of viewers.

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