"Everyone in the kitchen": this gift that all the people make by participating in the program of Cyril Lignac: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Cooking and laughs, a cocktail that can only work in these times. Since March 17, 2020, the majority of French people have been confined to their homes in an attempt to stem the Covid-19 epidemic that is hitting the world. Who says confinement, says meal to prepare at home. Chore for some, pleasure for others. The choice is not multiple, you have to stick to it. Fancy a real gratin dauphinois? Tagine-style lemon chicken? Pecan brownie? Or a raspberry financier? What could be better than having a great chef to guide you in this task bordering on the impossible for some? Cyril Lignac has embarked on this adventure on M6. Every evening, Monday to Friday, at 6.45 p.m., All in the kitchen invites you to cook a dish and a dessert. Current wife helps you by giving you each week the list of ingredients and utensils used so that you are ready to put on your apron.

People who came to pass the time in a fun way but also for a good cause

But this is not a classic culinary program. The show actually shot in the kitchen of the Aveyron chef is done in direct conditions. With all the hazards that can arise, such as an accident of which the 42-year-old chef was a victim. To add a little salt, Cyril Lignac is accompanied by a facilitator who acts as a clerk, but confinement requires, from a distance. It is Jérôme Anthony who officiates in his Nancy cuisine to follow, step by step, the chef's gestures. And as the more we are crazy, the more we laugh, because it is all the same an entertainment program, an additional ingredient came to make it all: guests, not candid but active. Three French families try to reproduce the recipes from their home and interact in duplex, via Skype. Plus, the chef’s touch, a personality intervenes, in the same way, every evening. Caroline Vigneaux, Laetitia Milot, Jarry, Camille Cerf, or even JoeyStarr, lent themselves to the game with more or less ease.

People who came to pass the time in a fun way but also for a good cause. "We have no problem finding people because the image is very positive. They all also donate to Foundation of France", reveals Matthieu Jean-Toscani, the producer of the show, to our colleagues from Tele-Star. Enough to combine business with pleasure with, as a bonus, dinner ready for the evening. As a true conductor, Cyril Lignac ensures that everyone follows the rhythm to make the two recipes in less than an hour. A filming which turns out all the same complicated to manage. But the result is there. A zest of good humor, a touch of suspense with the clock ticking, a good dose of gourmet recipes, all the ingredients combined to succeed in captivating more than two million aspiring cooks, every evening on M6.

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