“Everyone knew”: this famous TF1 presenter who allegedly took cocaine on the air live

This Tuesday, March 21, Cyril Hanouna returned to revelations by Jean-Claude Bourret concerning an emblematic presenter of TF1. One of its columnists took the opportunity to reveal the identity of the one who allegedly took cocaine on the air.

These are revelations that have not gone unnoticed. This Tuesday, March 21, the journalist Jean-Claude Bourret was the guest of Chez Jordan. He took the opportunity to discuss the presence of drugs in the TF1 tower. “When I was at TF1, it was festive“, he began. And to continue his story: “I won’t say that everyone took cocaine and smoked firecrackers, but hey… There’s even a presenter that I won’t name who, one day, thinking he wasn’t on air got himself a little coke line.“The person in question had sent a subject and therefore thought he was no longer on the air, but Jean-Claude Bourret was flabbergasted when he realized that his colleague”was getting a line“.

A confidence on which Cyril Hanouna returned the same evening on his show Do not touch My TV. “We can’t say who it is, but I know“, he began after the broadcast of this extract. However, he didn’t keep the secret for long of the identity of this famous presenter. To reveal this famous name, Gilles Verdez hid behind old comments made by Alain Duhamel. “I do not know if we can say it but in any case, in 2010, the journalist Alain Duhamel, him, had given the name because this presenter, while he was interviewing Alain Duhamel, had made a line of coke“, he explained, before reveal that it was Yves Mourousi. A name that seems to correspond since he officiated on TF1 in the same years as Jean-Claude Bourret.

Yves Mourousi “nearly got suckered several times”

It was on the RMC antenna that Alain Duhamel returned to this story, drawing a parallel with the consumption of Jean-Luc Delarue. “To my amazement, one day when I published a book and Yves Mourousi questioned me, he snorted in front of me before going on air“, then revealed the journalist. And to specify: “I had never seen that in my life. It was the first time I really saw him. That didn’t stop him from questioning the President of the Republic, not very long after.“But this revelation came as no surprise to Jean-Marie Bigard, who believes it was just an open secret.”Everybody knew that Yves Mourousi, with impunity, did what he wanted on the set“, reported the conspirator, specifying that the presenter of the newspaper has “almost got beat up [par les téléspectateurs, ndlr] several times“.

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