"Everyone wants to take their place": after a nice trip, Hugues, "at the end of the roll", is eliminated: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


"The candidate crushing machine" stalled. Hugues, who had inherited this qualifier from Nagui, was eliminated from Everyone wants to take its place, this Sunday January 24, 2021. A little surprise, given that the computer engineer had dominated with head and shoulders all the challengers who wanted his red chair since November 14, 2020. He will nevertheless be consoled. with a magnificent course rich in 66 victories, a prize pool amounting to 79,900 euros and three trips. Especially since there was no regret after his elimination for a small point. "I was starting to be at my wit's end. I felt I was falling…", entrusted the native of Essonne to our colleagues from TV-Leisure. "It is for this reason that I did not make a big offer to my challenger. "

Soon in Questions for a super champion ?

Hugues indeed offered 6000 euros to Michèle, his executioner of the day, justifying his defeat by "a bad choice of questionnaire". Not enough to bite your fingers, however, as he explained: "At the time, I was disappointed. I am a player, I don't like to lose. I had the weapons to win, if I had been more lucid … But an hour later, I was at home, and I had moved on. I have a lot of perspective on TV games. I don't give them more importance than they deserve. But it's a lot of fun, I love it. We win fabulous things! It's still a great experience. "

He therefore remains at the gates of the top 10, accessit to which he attaches little importance. Instead of Questions for a super champion, his next big goal, which brings together, as its name suggests, the historical champions of Questions for a champion. But, while waiting to face Samuel Étienne, it is in the sun that the sympathetic candidate, sometimes mocked on social networks, will recharge his batteries. "Good stay in Thailand" , Nagui sent him in the last wink.

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