"Everyone wants to take their place": disappointed by the candidates' responses, Nagui tackles them bluntly: Current Woman The MAG

There are days when you wonder what you're doing here. How about warming up with organic tea in front of a Netflix series? Nagui had the bitter experience of it, this Saturday, January 16, 2021, he who animates (brilliantly) Everyone wants to take its place for about fifteen years. Every noon, one of the favorite French entertainers receives candidates more or less brilliant, sassy and rich in tasty anecdotes. Suffice to say that he has heard green ones and unripe ones, often having fun with delight, sometimes with bad faith. But the entertainment of France 2 Also valid for its suspense and the resistance offered by contenders for the defending champion, the impressive Hugh. However, there was no challenge in today's show where the participants were not really inspired, much to Nagui's chagrin.

"We got the elite together today, we're on top!"

The second round, contested on the theme "The surprise guests", was synonymous with a great moment of solitude for Virgil, Antoine, Didier and Pierre, unable to answer a question. Even when they had a choice of two answers. No, really, you shouldn't invite them on the set! Which prompted the mocking comment from the owner: "We got the elite together today, we're on top!". And he was not at the end of his troubles facing candidates paralyzed by fear of the direct or the irony of their host. It must be said that Nagui did not spare them, especially when he drew up the accounts at the end of this round. "We're here with a rotten round anyway", he blurted out when none of the four challengers had written the correct answer. "Really, it looks good anyway if it doesn't taste like it," he added. Nothing to frighten Hugues, "the machine for crushing candidates", who can continue his incredible journey.

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