"Everyone wants to take their place": the touching testimony of a candidate who changed sex: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Since 2006, Nagui has accompanied the lunches of millions of viewers with its game Everyone wants to take its place, sure France 2. The show still fascinates crowds as much and one thing is certain, the candidates that we discover every afternoon have something to do with it. Strong personalities, sometimes funny, sometimes moving anecdotes, this is the strong point of the program and once is not customary, on Saturday April 18, 2020, we could hear an amazing story.

Nagui received Bernard who revealed that he had been elected Miss Mont d'Or several years ago. "At the time, there weren't smartphones yet, so automatically, I couldn't get any photos. But I still got an article in the regional newspaper,"said the candidate, before Mélanie Page's husband shared his big secret. Before being Bernard, he was a woman !

Moving words to talk about his past

"I changed sex because I didn’t feel good about myself,"explained Bernard, before Nagui made some valves."Was it to avoid hair removal? Pee standing up? What benefits have you found?"wondered the host, while the candidate entered his game, pretended to think and exclaimed:"Hair removal is done, but yes, it was a dream to pee standing up."A magnificent testimony under the guise of humor which has perhaps helped thousands of people;

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