Everything for friendship – The Mälzer & Sasha Show: This challenge awaits the two celebrity men

Two hamburgers who became big buddies: TV chef Tim Mälzer (49) and singer Sasha (48, "Schlüsselkind") have had a real friendship with men for more than 15 years. In "Everything for friendship" they prove whether they can score as a duo in a game show. These are the most important facts about the RTL broadcast, of which two episodes will be broadcast live on Friday (January 31) and Sunday (February 2) at 8:15 p.m.

The concept

The celebrity men compete against a friendly audience. 100,000 euros are waiting for the winner. The challengers can take the money home if they win. Tim Mälzer and Sasha would donate their winnings. They have 24 hours to use the money wisely for others. The prominent duo is accompanied by a camera team on their mission right after the show.

The game rounds

In a total of ten game rounds, the teams have to demonstrate their athleticism, skill and knowledge. At the beginning of each round, the opponents select the games on a ten-field board. Then you have to place your gaming chips in the casino atmosphere, depending on the estimated chances of success. The winning couple collect the chips used by both teams and collect them in the final pot. In the end, a final question decides, in which the teams can distribute their chips to the answer options. Whoever was correct and bet more wins the show.

The candidates

Timo Bauer (47) from Hamburg and Boris Makrucki (49) will compete against the TV stars in the first show. The two Northern Lights met more than 21 years ago as firefighters. The men are enthusiastic hobby athletes and can score with manual skill. The two of them were already able to gain show experience: in 2012 they were candidates for "Wetten, dass …?!" With some of their fire station colleagues.

Daniel Alfert (42) from Gronau and Tim Vogt (36) from Dortmund will compete on February 2nd. The friends got to know each other through their shared passion for Udo Lindenberg's (73) music: in 2011 they played together in a team full of Lindenberg fans at a benefit football tournament. The hobby kickers complement each other in their abilities: Daniel is the athlete with a strong general education. Tim describes himself as a strategist and motivator.

The prominent opponents

Years ago, Tim Mälzer and Sasha met at an after-show party at the ECHO Awards in Berlin. Tim Mälzer was not only allowed to be Sasha's best man, but is also the godfather of his son Otto. "I belong to the group of people who don't think much about things when they feel good. For me and Sasha, it's just an emotion, a familiarity, a chemistry that works between us without being explained", reveals Tim Mälzer in the run-up to the show in an interview with spot on news. He would see himself very strongly as a team player and had always been a team athlete, which is why he was not really good at anything. That could be a problem for the two buddies on the show.

"The bad thing about both of us is that we can do everything a bit and nothing properly," says Mälzer. Sasha has a slight advantage in physicality – "He is a bit more trained, fitter and stronger. I have a lot of body, but none that has a function," says Mälzer with a smile. For that, he has a certain cunning. "I don't know much about being active, but I am very passive. There are a few things that I don't know I can do. There will be a lot of surprises on the show."