“Everything was fair”: how did Nathalie Marquay avoid an inheritance war after the death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut? : Current Woman Le MAG

At the helm of the essential 1 p.m. news on TF1 for more than 30 years, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has established himself over the years in the daily lives of millions of French people. Having become one of the biggest stars of the small screen thanks to his television news, the host shared the life of the former Miss France Nathalie Marquay, whom he had met in 2002. During their union, the journalist and the actress gave birth to two children, Tom and Lou Pernaut. If the former beauty queen had never given birth before dating Jean-Pierre Pernaut, this was not the case for her husband. Indeed, the emblematic presenter of TF1 was already the father of two other children, from a first marriage. While it has now been two years to the day since the former face of the 1 p.m. news left us following lung cancer, Nathalie Marquay spoke about the two years that have passed since the disappearance of her husband, in an interview given to Tele-Leisure Saturday March 2, 2024.

Nathalie Marquay: “I never stopped Jean-Pierre from seeing his ex-wife”

She notably mentioned the fact that there was no conflict between the children of Jean-Pierre Pernaut concerning the heritage of the host, unlike the war which had broken out between Laeticia Hallyday and the children of Johnny Hallyday . “For me, family has always been important. As for inheritance, I had talked about it a lot with Jean-Pierre, everything was well settled and everything was fair. For everyone! We didn’t harm a child. I respected all his wishes and I’m sure that, from up there, he’s proud of everything I’ve done.”, underlined Nathalie Marquay. The actress also spoke about the conflict currently between Alain Delon’s children. It’s so horrible to tear yourself apart. I can not understand. Life is already so complicated, why complicate it more? But at the end of the day, I’m sure everyone loves their father. They express it badly and everything is certainly distorted. It’s a shame. It’s really a shame…”indicated Nathalie Marquay on this subject. “I never stopped Jean-Pierre from seeing his ex-wife, there was no problem. He had a first wife, he had two children and it was normal for them to be part of his lifealso added the former Miss France.

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