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If you are impatiently waiting for the summer sales, you will have to wait a little longer! Bruno Le Maire recently announced that the date had been pushed back, at the "request of small traders".

2020 summer sales: kick-off postponed

Unmissable and unmissable event, the summer sales are expected each year by thousands of French people. But after almost two months of confinement and an economy strongly impacted by the consequences of the health crisis, these will be exceptionally postponed. This Tuesday, June 2, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, indeed announced that the kick-off was postponed from June 24 to July 15 in order to meet the demand of certain traders whose points of sale remained closed for weeks because of the coronavirus. "It is legitimate to support in these very particular moments, those who are the weakest, those who have the treasures the most threatened. ", he said in particular.

How long will the sales last?

In May, Bruno Le Maire mentioned the possibility of extending the duration of the sales. In addition to the usual 4 weeks, an additional 5th week had been envisaged by the government to allow small traders to at least partially make up for the losses linked to confinement and to dispose of their stocks by making a correct margin. But finally, the summer sales will last four weeks, a shorter period since the winter sales 2020, under the effect of the Covenant Law.

How will the sales take place this year?

Even if France is unconfined, the virus is still circulating and compliance with barrier gestures helps limit its spread. In small traders, as in large brands, health measures have been put in place to protect staff and customers.

  • Wearing a mask is recommended (even mandatory)
  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available
  • Social distancing is applied
  • Contactless payment is preferred
  • The fitting rooms are mostly closed

To avoid contamination, merchants often ask customers to try their items at home and let them pass at least 24 hours before returning them to the store if they do not suit them. Once returned to the store, the clothes are steam disinfected.

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