EVGA, the stolen RTX 3000 found in Vietnam


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January 10, 2022, 11:50 AM


EvgaRTX309à © Evga


A large cargo of graphics cards
EVGA had a nice trip across the Pacific Ocean.

Last November, a full shipment of EVGA-signed graphics cards was stolen from a truck departing from San Francisco. It was then a question of very varied cards since the manufacturer mentioned retail prices of between 329.99 and 1,959.99 dollars.

Cards found more than 12,000 kilometers away

The business is now experiencing a surprising rebound as customers of a Vietnamese reseller, Nguyễn Công PC, have purchased EVGA graphics cards.

Stolen EVGA graphics cards © WCCFTech

© WCCFTech

What was their surprise to discover when registering with the manufacturer that their new acquisition was in fact from the stolen load several months ago. The reseller claims his good faith, arguing that his wholesaler would have confirmed the completely legal origin of his cards.

The situation is to say the least incongruous, especially as the Vietnamese dealer does not seem to be a small shop. For buyers, things are even more delicate, because they have bought stolen products and the question of the guarantee arises logically. It remains to know the reaction of EVGA to this story.

Source: Videocardz
, WCCFTech

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