Evgeny Vinokurov: “Let’s Dance” professional dancer becomes a father

Evgeny Vinokurov
“Let’s Dance” professional dancer becomes a father

Evgeny Vinokurov has been part of the “Let’s Dance” family since 2019.

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Evgeny Vinokurov becomes a father for the first time. The “Let’s Dance” professional dancer announced the pregnancy of his fiancée on Instagram.

“Let’s Dance” professional dancer Evgeny Vinokurov (30) and his fiancée Nina Bezzubova are in great anticipation: The couple’s first child is on the way. “I want to share something very important with you. We will be parents”, Vinokurov proudly writes in an Instagram post. He also shared a photo of him holding his loved one in his arms while they pose together on a bridge in Bremen. A small baby bump can already be seen under the expectant mother’s beige dress.

The professional dancer continues: “I’m so happy that I can’t really describe how happy I am. For me it is absolutely magical. I always dreamed of having my first child at 30 and there we are, me I’ll be a dad at 30. ” Sometimes he almost goes crazy with fear, after all, he wants to be “a good dad” for his children. Finally, he addresses his future wife: “I would say there is a very exciting time ahead of us, my darling. We have to wait a little longer until the party really starts.”

Stars and “Let’s Dance” colleagues congratulate

Numerous celebrities and “Let’s Dance” colleagues insisted on congratulating the couple on their pregnancy: “Congratulations”, writes “GZSZ” actress Ulrike Frank (52). “Many congratulations from my family to yours,” comments Motsi Mabuse (40). “Omg, congratulations !!! I send you a lot of love !!!”, enthuses Evelyn Burdecki (32), who competed in 2020 with Evgeny Vinokurov on “Let’s Dance”. There were also loving words from Nico Schwanz (43), Kim Riekenberg (26) and the professional dancers Renata Lusin (34), Marta Arndt (31), Andrzej Cibis (34) and Isabel Edvardsson (39).

Evgeny Vinokurov and Nina Bezzubova have been a couple since 2019. Bezzubova is also a dancer. In July 2021, the two announced their engagement.