Eviden bets on Microsoft for 5 years on IAGen and the Cloud

Eviden is trying to put an end to concerns about the future of its parent company, Atos. After a major contract for the next Jupiter exascale supercomputer, the French company signs a partnership with Microsoft.

This merger with the American cloud giant should allow Eviden to generate $2.8 billion in cloud services by 2028. To confirm this objective, the Frenchman is therefore strengthening its links with Microsoft and its products.

Training of 50,000 Eviden employees

It thus announces the “rapid” training of its 50,000 employees in Microsoft technologies. Eviden is also targeting more than 16,000 new Microsoft certifications over the next five years.

Together, the partners will mainly co-develop and launch industrial solutions based on generative AI and the Microsoft cloud for four priority sectors. To deliver these tools, their respective innovation centers will be called upon.

Eviden and Microsoft will go further than their existing ones to launch several joint industrial innovation centers. These sites should allow them to accelerate the research and development of solutions based on generative AI.

By joining forces, Microsoft and Eviden announce that they want to design “transformative solutions for data and AI, Copilot and cloud transformation.” Microsoft is responsible for providing the technological products (Azure) and Eviden is responsible for providing “in-depth expertise” and “its customer-centric approach.”

Priority to finance, automobiles, industry and energy

In common, they intend to prioritize financial services, automobiles, industry, energy, but also public services, health, life sciences – a little more than four sectors as indicated. .

Microsoft and Eviden are not at the beginning of their collaboration and are already claiming “great success with common key customers.” It is therefore a question of entering a second phase of collaboration.

Six strategic areas are mentioned: AI and data innovation (through the adoption of generative AI, Launchpad and Copilot); cloud services (Eviden DevSecOps and FinOps); application infrastructures; business applications (via Power Platform and D365); Security; SAP transformation.

Eviden also associated with AWS and Google Cloud

Microsoft will therefore also find a growing place within the Global Delivery Centers and the Eviden Center of Excellence through training and certifications. ESN also plans to develop its Microsoft Business activity.

More than 50 teams will be dedicated to sales, solution architecture and authorization in priority markets: North America, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, etc.

For the CEO of Eviden, Carlo d’Asaro Biondo, this partnership “is in addition to the strategic collaboration announced in November on the Digital Workplace with Atos’ Tech Foundations business line.”

On AI and the cloud, Eviden is increasing its chances since the company also entered into a partnership with AWS last November. And the French player also has links with the third hyperscaler, GCP.

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