Evidence Eco Design, an automatic coffee maker with eco-friendly grinder from Krups


Krups has just unveiled a new reference in its range of automatic coffee makers with Evidence grinder. Stamped Eco Design, the manufacturer promises a model that is particularly respectful of the environment, in many areas.

We have known Krups Evidence automatic coffee makers with grinders for a few years now, which does not prevent new references from appearing on the shelves regularly. The newcomer, baptized Evidence Eco Design, relies on an environmentally friendly design to attract the favors of its future buyers. For example, the manufacturer promises that 62% of the plastic used in its manufacture is recycled. In the same vein, it would be possible to recycle 90% of the device.

This is also why this automatic coffee maker is completely devoid of touch screen or liquid crystal display, currently impossible to recycle. The control panel is certainly equipped with a tactile surface, also impossible to recover, but this technology uses less materials for its construction and therefore pollutes less. It should also be noted that the Krups Evidence Eco Design is made in France.

The eco-responsible nature of the Krups Evidence Eco Design is also nestled in its repairable side, since the manufacturer promises that spare parts will be available for 15 years, so that you don’t have to throw the device away when you just have to change a component.

The Krups Evidence Eco Design.

Behind this environmentally friendly facade, however, hides one of the most classic models, entirely lined with textured plastic, which is also rather elegant. The grains stored in the single tank with a capacity of 250 g are ground by a steel mill that is not very prone to breakage. Obviously, the Krups Evidence Eco Design is capable of developing the pressure of 15 bars necessary to obtain an espresso worthy of the name, even if six other specialties are planned for a total of seven recipes, including three milky ones. It will nevertheless be necessary to be satisfied with a simple flexible pipe connected to a steel straw, since Krups has chosen not to provide a milk jug in order to limit the environmental impact of its coffee maker. Finally, it is possible to modify the quantity of coffee in the drink as well as the quantity dispensed thanks to the sensitive keys in direct access, on the control panel. The temperature adjustment is done with a combination of keys which is not very practical.

Environmentally conscious coffee lovers can already get the Krups Evidence Eco Design for 619 €.

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