Evil West: 10 minutes of pure gameplay for the TPS between western and fantasy, enough to form an opinion

The followers of GST nervous already have Evil West in the viewfinder. It must be said that his trailers of gameplay energetic mixing a universe western fantasy to muscular combat mechanics, ideal for letting off steam, had enough to make you want to see more. But in-gamewhat does the game of Focus and Flying Wild Hog ?

We finally have the answer on the occasion ofa game video of almost 10 minutes, compiling several excerpts adventure. We are entitled to the assault of an abandoned house in the middle of the desert, the exploration of dark and demon-infested depths, an overview of the improvement of weapons and skills, a fight against a very pissed off boss, a visit to the forest that will thin out in the heat of our flamethrower, and even more scenes of varied and explosive fights. Nothing that should revolutionize the genre in sight, but the atmosphere and the power will perhaps appeal to some.

For the curious, the release date ofEvil West is set for September 20, 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, and you can pre-order your copy from €61.78 on

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