Evolutionary remnants: we carry on 5 traces of the past

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We still have these 5 vestiges of evolution today

During evolution, humans have developed in this way – but this process is far from over.


When you hear the keyword evolution, you probably think of a completed process that has made us the beings we are today. But there are still enough features and body parts that haven’t completely changed during this development. See in the video which five remains we still have on our bodies.

The development of mankind is fascinating: During evolution we have developed our upright gait, the fur has receded and the functions of many parts of the body have completely changed. But anyone who thinks this process has been completed is mistaken: evolution is an ongoing process and our body continues to change – and still has many traces of the past in it.

Evolution – you can discover these remnants in yourself

Which relics from the past you can find and recognize in yourself has nothing to do with your mental or physical abilities. That depends entirely on your genetic makeup, which you cannot influence. In the video you can see which remnants of evolution can still be found with you.

Source used: unnuetzes.com