Ewan McGregor: Daughter Clara was bitten in the face by a dog

Ewan McGregor
Daughter Clara shocks with a fresh dog bite at the film premiere

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These pictures are not for the faint of heart. The daughter of British Hollywood star Ewan McGregor literally proves her bite. The film producer and actress Clara was bitten by a dog shortly before a premiere and still bravely showed her face.

The sight will upset even die-hard Ewan McGregor, 50. His daughter Clara McGregor, 25, posed on the red carpet at a film premiere in Las Vegas last Friday (June 11, 2021), even though she was in the emergency room a few minutes earlier. The actress was the victim of a dog attack. Clara herself posted photos of her performance over the weekend. The bite wounds in the nose and cheek area of ​​the young woman are evidence of a violent attack by the animal.

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Ewan McGregor: Daughter Clara rushed from the emergency room to the red carpet.

“If you land in the emergency room with a dog bite 30 minutes before the red carpet …”, she commented on a series of recordings that she showed at the premiere and also in the hospital. But despite the obviously painful and traumatic experience, the 25-year-old appears surprisingly calm and collected in the photos.

After her wounds have been treated, she seems to have immediately prepared for her premiere visit to the film “The Birthday Cake” to later be in front of the cameras with her younger sister Esther, 19, the film director Jimmy Giannopoulos and the actors Joe D’Onofrio and Tyler Dean Flores to make a good face for the bad game.

Clara McGregor shows humor

Even a few days later, she carried her disturbing experience with humor and shared one of the photos on her Instagram story with the note “Make-up courtesy of dog teeth”.

There is an understandable reason why Clara did not want to miss the premiere party: She is the producer of “The Birthday Cake”, in which her father Ewan at the side of Val Kilmer, 61, Lorraine Bracco, 66, William Fichtner, 64, and Luis Guzmán, 64, plays one of the leading roles.

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