Ex-DFL boss Rettig criticized: “Infantino created anti-European attitude at the World Cup”

Ex-DFL boss Rettig criticized
“Infantino created anti-European attitude at the World Cup”

Even before the soccer World Cup, Andreas Rettig was one of the most consistent of the prominent critics of Qatar and FIFA. After the end of the controversial tournament, the former managing director of the DFL sees his attitude towards the FIFA boss confirmed.

Former DFL Managing Director Andreas Rettig criticized FIFA President Gianni Infantino for the way the award ceremony at the World Cup in Qatar went. “Mr Infantino has always emphasized that he wants to leave politics out of sport. Only if he likes it, then it stays out. If the Emir asks him for something, then he allows it,” said the 59-year-old in an interview by the TV channel Sky. During the handing over of the trophy after Argentina’s victory against France (7:5 a.e.t.), world champion captain Lionel Messi was given a typical black bischt robe on Sunday.

“That was unworthy of a World Cup award ceremony,” said Rettig, which should not be exploited. “In two years we have the European Championship in our country – just imagine the Federal Chancellor or the Federal President handing the winning team a pair of leather pants and helping them to try them on. There would be a lot of shouting.”

Rettig accused Infantino of having created an “anti-European attitude” at the World Cup in Qatar, “according to the motto: “The bad Europeans. Against the rest of the world.” The fact that the president of the world association succeeded was also due to the lack of cohesion among the European associations. These had shown no consequence, “that was annoying,” said Rettig. Shortly before the start of the tournament, the FIFA ban on the “One Love” captain’s armband caused differences of opinion.

The former manager also warned that the 2030 World Cup could be held in Saudi Arabia, which – like Qatar – is often criticized in the West for human rights abuses. “It is to be feared that the World Cup after next will be a Qatar 2.0 and will take place in Saudi Arabia. That would be a total meltdown, I can’t even think about that,” said Rettig. The award for the 2030 World Cup will take place in two years.

But it’s not enough “to be against something,” said Rettig. “I expect the Europeans to think about the position of an opposing candidate, because something like that has to be prepared.” Infantino, who has been heavily criticized in Germany, will run unopposed in the upcoming elections for FIFA President in Rwanda’s capital Kigali in March. In theory, he could run again in 2027.

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