Exail Technologies wins a 2.1 million euro contract with the US Coast Guard – 05/30/2023 at 18:21

(AOF) – Exail Technologies has been awarded a €2.1 million contract by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to replace obsolete gyrocompass systems on Keeper-class buoy vessels (175ft WLM coastal buoy vessels ). The contract includes navigation systems including Octans gyrocompasses and Netans Navigation Data Distribution Systems (NDDS).

This upgrade will provide USCG Keeper-class buoys with more accurate and reliable navigation capabilities.

Based on Exail’s advanced FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) technology, the Octans gyrocompass will keep vessels safe during critical naval operations by providing extremely reliable and accurate navigation data.

Complementing Octans, the Netans data distribution system will facilitate the sharing of crucial navigation information between different on-board systems.

Both systems will enhance the USCG’s crew decision-making capabilities, ultimately bringing safety and reliability to their naval operations.


Negotiations with builders

On average, equipment manufacturers represent between 60 and 85% of the manufacturing cost of a vehicle. According to the Federation of Vehicle Equipment Industries (Fiev), negotiations are very tense with manufacturers regarding the passing on of increased costs. The price increases concern both electronic components, raw materials, such as steel, nickel, lithium or palladium, energy and transport. Equipment manufacturers mainly negotiate with Stellantis and Renault to set up indices to pass on increases. They are also betting on innovation, differentiation, upgrading and internationalization.

Growing market and price pressures

According to the SIA, global chip sales were $151.7 billion in the first quarter of 2022, up 23% year-on-year. Sales increased in all major regional markets and for all product categories. As global uncertainties, including the war in Ukraine and the health crisis, weigh on supply chains, demand for semiconductors continues to significantly outpace supply. Manufacturers Samsung and TSMC have announced that they will raise their prices, in a context where players in the sector have good leeway and benefit from increased bargaining power. However, wage increases and component prices could weigh on future performance.

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German autonomy not so simple

China has been Germany’s leading economic partner for six years. However, across the Rhine, companies are called upon to reduce their heavy dependence on the Asian giant due to a rise in geopolitical tensions with the country. In this context, the powerful VDMA points out the importance of the Chinese market and the danger that a too sudden termination of ties with China would represent. The country is, in fact, the second export market and the first investment destination for German mechanical and industrial engineering. The federation nevertheless recognizes the need to diversify the trading partners of the German economy.

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