Examination of diploma thesis – plagiarism hunter targets deputy mayor

Known and feared is Stefan Weber, who as a “plagiarism hunter” has already abruptly ended a career as a politician, as most recently in the case of Minister Christine Aschbacher (ÖVP). Now, surprisingly, the Vice Mayor of Güssing, Alois Mondschein (ÖVP), is in the sights of the merciless auditor.

Weber repeatedly scrutinizes theses and checks whether they contain plagiarism. At the beginning of the year, this cost Family and Labor Minister Aschbacher her job. The examiner is now active again. This time, however, the work of a far less prominent politician is targeted: that of the Vice Mayor of Güssing.

Affected locates dirt bucket campaign
The investigation was apparently supposed to take place in the background; until recently, Mondschein himself hadn’t known about it. It was only by chance that he found out that his thesis was being screened. However, the Weber team was not ready to disclose the client of the test, explains Mondschein. “Apparently someone is digging deep into their pockets to start a dirt-bucket campaign against certain people. That is disgusting.”

Speculation about clients
The ÖVP politician has a suspicion: “It can only be someone who wants to silence me and who has the financial resources to afford such a procedure: someone from the red network.” For him a sign that the beginning Election campaigns are carried out using “methods that have never been seen before”. However, he is calm about the examination: “My thesis was properly completed and scientifically with integrity.”