Excel Esports launches its female VALORANT roster

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Following the enthusiasm of the worlds, Excel Esports has just announced the launch of its first female roster on VALORANT, by recovering the N1MP team including three French women.

The women’s esports scene has worked well this year, particularly in the VALORANT game, with the organization of the women’s world premieres which made the news with the flamboyant victory of G2 Gozen. Several rosters have formed on the girl side of Riot’s games in 2022, including League of Legends. This is now the British structure EXCEL Esports who tries the experiment. The organization revealed its first-ever female roster in VALORANT this week, represented by Neli, Jupi, Samsi and the three French cataLina, Just Purii and Luzia.

They will be listed in VCT Game Changers EMEA 2023, the European circuit which will resume next season and which will lead the best teams to a new title of world champion. XL doesn’t hide it, it’s the tremendous enthusiasm around the last world championships that made you want to start:

During Game Changers 2022, we saw so many inspiring stories that gamers everywhere could relate to. At EXCEL ESPORTS we want to offer something new to show young female gamers the path to esports, and we believe that by signing an existing team that works well together competitively and socially, we can help and support them to be the best they can be. We hope this will encourage more female gamers to get into esports and that our success will be driven by our dedication to growing the scene.

The current team, formerly under the label N1MPhas already participated in the Game Changers in two last two splits, with a 9-12th place in EMEA Series 3. Samsimeanwhile, has been playing with Ascend Rising so far but was benched in November.

  • Cornelia’neli‘Johansson – IGL/Initiator

  • India’cataLina‘ Dubourg – Smokes

  • Safaa’Purii‘Baydi – Flashes

  • Camilla’Luzia‘ Millet – Sentinel

  • Samantha’Samsi‘Caddell – Duelist

  • Daniela’jupi‘Gradl – Initiator/Sentinel

  • Kevin’Noizeeh‘ Jaskiewicz – Team Manager

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