excellent news for those waiting for the DLC

We will soon know a lot more about the additional content for Final Fantasy 16 which should arrive in a few months! It will be time to return to Valisthea.

With the next FF7 Rebirth, a very big Final Fantasy, the mobile game Ever Crisis or even the upcoming FF14 DLC, fans of the famous JRPG license have plenty to do! And it’s not over, because after the first Echoes of the Fallen DLC for FF16, a second will soon arrive: The Rising Tide. Although the game divided the community, many appreciated its Devil May Cry-style gameplay which departs from the original series. But above all, it was its staging that was highlighted. And this additional content will be an opportunity to continue the story a little further. We should soon know more about the new issues of this new story.

An event not to be missed for FF16 fans!

Indeed, Square Enix recently announced that time will be devoted to Final Fantasy 16 during PAX East. It’s a huge video game event in Boston. There we find a whole bunch of publishers and developers talking about their different software. PAX East 2024 will take place March 21-24. And it will be on March 22 at 5:30 p.m. French time that the entire FF16 team will meet to discuss the game. Everything will be broadcast on Twitch and we can expect several announcements concerning the future of the game, including the famous Rising DLC Tide.

Indeed, the FF16 DLC is planned for spring 2024. March then seems to be a good window to start providing some details on the content of this extension. Especially since Takeo Kujiraoka, the director of the DLC, will be present. However, we already have some information in our possession thanks to the trailer that arrived in December and statements from Kujiraoka.

What do we know about the next DLC?

Thanks to the trailer, we know that players will be able to travel to Mysidia, a mage village that fans of the saga know well. We will finally find the Leviathan, an Eikon that we had not yet encountered and which is nevertheless emblematic of the license. Kujiraoka said that this whole adventure will last around ten hours. This new chapter is available for €25 with the season pass which also includes the previous FF16 DLC, Echoes of the Fallen. There is no release date announced for The Rising Tide yet. However, players have something to wait for with FF7 Rebirth which releases on February 29.

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