Excitement about “radar anomaly”: airspace over Montana temporarily closed

Excitement about “radar anomaly”
Airspace temporarily closed over Montana

First a US warplane shoots down an unknown flying object over Canada, then US authorities notice a “radar anomaly” over Montana. The airspace over the state will then be closed. But the military quickly gives the all-clear.

After an unknown flying object was shot down over Canada, the airspace over the US state of Montana was temporarily closed on Saturday evening (local time). The US military gave the all-clear after a short time.

After a “radar anomaly”, a fighter plane was sent to investigate, said the North American Air Defense Command and the US Northern Command. However, the aircraft did not identify an “object” that matched the radar data. The US military will continue to monitor the situation.

Republican Congressman Matt Rosendale of Montana stressed after the incident that the public deserved answers and that he was staying in touch with the Department of Defense. Democratic Senator Jon Tester made a similar statement. The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had previously temporarily closed part of the airspace over the US state to “support Department of Defense activities”. The ban was lifted a short time later.

A few hours earlier, an unidentified flying object had been shot down over Canada, north of Montana. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the “unidentified object” was shot down by a US F-22 over northwestern Canada during a joint operation by Canadian and US fighter jets.

A week ago, a US fighter jet took down a suspected Chinese spy balloon on the US east coast. Another unidentified flying object was shot down over the US state of Alaska on Friday.

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