Excitement in the Premier League: Start coach united in anger over Brazilians

Excitement in the Premier League
Start trainer united in anger over Brazilians

There is great excitement in the Premier League: the coaches tremble for their Brazilians. Their association would like to take them out of circulation for the time being because they did not come to the last World Cup qualifying matches. A hanging game threatens.

The British Corona travel rules and trouble with the Brazilian Football Association are causing headaches for the Premier League coaches shortly before the next match day. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City) and Jürgen Klopp (Liverpool FC) still do not know whether they can field their Brazilian stars. “Now, at 1.35 p.m., it’s unclear,” said Guardiola at noon, a good 24 hours before the away game at FA Cup winners Leicester City, with a view of goalkeeper Ederson and striker Gabriel Jesus.

The background is a dispute between the clubs and the Brazilian association. The Premier League clubs had agreed not to send professionals to World Cup qualifiers in countries on the so-called red list of the British government because of the pandemic. This includes all South American countries. Players would have to go into hotel quarantine for ten days after their return. The Brazilian association now wants the players who did not arrive to be banned.

“That makes no sense”

Thomas Tuchel, who threatens the failure of defender Thiago Silva, complains about his own faint. “I don’t get it because it doesn’t make sense from which side you look at it. Does it make sense for Brazil? No. Does it make sense to us? No,” said the Chelsea coach, who with his team against Aston Villa must go. “If we had sent him there, he would have sat in a hotel room for ten days and not exercised.”

Guardiola pointed out, irritated, that Brazil also has strict travel rules. “And now the Brazilians want to ban the players who couldn’t travel. They weren’t allowed to play there and they’re not allowed to play here. It’s crazy,” puzzled Guardiola. “The former Bayern coach emphasized:” That doesn’t make any sense . “Previously, Liverpool’s German coach Klopp had also criticized the situation and the South American association.

“A lose-lose situation”

Manchester United coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can undoubtedly look forward to the debut of his new superstar Cristiano Ronaldo against Newcastle, but whether he will be able to use his midfielder Fred is still uncertain. “It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone – national teams, players, clubs. It’s a farce,” said the Norwegian. “The players want to play, but we all know what situation we have been in over the past year and a half with the pandemic.” He was disappointed with the whole thing: “We worked hard to find a way, in the end all the decisions were made against the players. Common sense doesn’t seem to be so healthy anymore.”

On the other hand, the Brazilian striker Richarlison from Everton FC will play, as his coach Rafael Benitez said. The club has good relations with the Brazilian association. The background is that Everton Richarlison had allowed participation in the Summer Olympics, although the club was not obliged to. The association now apparently waives a ban on the 24-year-old.

But the clubs whose South American players traveled to the qualifying games also have problems. The coach of leaders Tottenham Hotspur, Nuno Espirito Santo, announced that the Argentines Giovani Lo Celso and Cristian Romero as well as the Colombian Davinson Sanchez will not return to London until 19 September. You were currently keeping fit with a coach in Croatia. With this, the players bypass the hotel quarantine in Great Britain.