Exciting final sprint – head-to-head race at the Carinthian Cow Marathon 2022

The cows Pia, Bella, Hermine and Insel have been grazing in competition for a month. The person who has covered the furthest distance on August 31 wins the 2022 cow marathon and can claim this year’s title!

“The cow marathon is a competition intended to illustrate how many kilometers an organic meadow milk cow travels across meadows and pastures to produce the valuable milk,” the organizers say. After the starting gun was fired at 12:00 a.m. on August 1st, the final sprint is now underway. The current ranking The GPS trackers can be used to track exactly which of the hard-working animals has covered the most kilometers. Jersey cow Hermine is in the lead with almost 120,000 meters. Closely followed by Bella, who is currently in second place with around 118,500 meters. Pia was able to cover 112,500 meters and the cow named “Island” took fourth place with almost 110,000 meters. Anyone who guessed the winning cow in the voting by August 14th can find out about prizes such as a holiday on the farm, a family holiday or a 500 -Euro voucher look forward. All information can be found here.
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