EXCLUDED. Caroline Roux affected by the Covid-19: “I took a long time to recover”

Caroline Roux confided in the columns of Télé Star, to be found in full this Monday, January 17. Affected by the Covid-19, she had a lot of trouble recovering from it.

A complicated test. For two years now, the whole world has been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Many restrictions have been put in place by the government to eradicate it, but this does not prevent the French from being infected. This is the case of Caroline Roux, who made some confidences in the columns of Télé Star, to find in full this Monday, January 17. “Even vaccinated, I was on my side for about ten days“, she explained. “It took me a while to recover. I wondered when I was gonna get my juice back“, she then remembered. To pass this difficult period, the journalist had to “take a vacation in the mountains to get back on my feet”. While she will soon receive presidential candidates on her show, Caroline Roux says she will be very careful. “I’m approaching this campaign very cautiously because I have no desire to get her again.” she concluded, very amused.

She is happy. Since 2016, Caroline Roux has been at the head of the show C dans l’air, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. “I’m glad I feminized her“, she first claimed. “We end the year with nearly 49% of women over one year. We are the only magazine with experts to reach this level of feminization”, she rejoiced. A fight she leads with “the programmers who alert me as soon as we are in the red at 46 or 47%. It’s a great victory“, she continued. Soon, she will give the floor to the presidential candidates. “C dans l’air has accompanied political life for twenty years. However, we have also become accustomed to doing specials like recently on Putin, and Erdogan, for example“, she said before adding: “We said to ourselves that we could not miss these elections. It’s a nice gift, because it’s the first time that C dans l’air has received presidential candidates.“The purpose of these shows?”Focus on major international, environmental and security issues“, concluded Caroline Roux. Many very important topics will therefore be discussed.

Caroline Roux: how will she organize the presidential specials?

In our columns, Caroline Roux gave some details about the next broadcasts, dedicated to the presidential elections. The people who will come will be the “main candidates from all sides to date, according to the Ipsos polling institute“, she first explained. “Everything will be decided at the last moment, according to their meeting schedule“, she clarified before adding: “But this campaign will be very special with the Covid. It will be played more than ever on television“, concluded the journalist.

Interview to be found in full in your magazine Télé Star on newsstands and in digital version this Monday, January 17.


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2/12 –

Caroline Roux
She contracted Covid-19.


3/12 –

Caroline Roux
A complicated period for the journalist.

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4/12 –

Caroline Roux
She had a hard time recovering.

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5/12 –

Caroline Roux
She had to take a vacation.


6/12 –

Caroline Roux
A forced but necessary rest for her.


7/12 –

Caroline Roux
Caroline Roux is on the poster for C dans l’air.


8/12 –

Caroline Roux
It will devote certain programs to the presidential elections.

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9/12 –

Caroline Roux
Caroline Roux made some revelations.

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10/12 –

Caroline Roux
Everything will be organized according to the schedule of the candidates.


11/12 –

Caroline Roux
Caroline Roux welcomed the feminization of the show.


12/12 –

Caroline Roux
She is surrounded by many women.

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