EXCLUDED. Delphine Wespiser: this moment of pain in Cannes that she is not about to forget

It is in your Closer magazine to be found on newsstands from Friday August 5, 2022 that Delphine Wespiser confided in this painful moment experienced in Cannes that she is not about to forget.

August has begun and it marks the second half of summer vacation. On this occasion, Delphine Wespiser agreed to confide in her summer memories, both good and bad. And there’s one she won’t soon forget. Indeed, as she revealed exclusively to Closer, three years ago, in Cannes, the former Miss France experienced one of her worst sunburns. “Since then I have spots and fine lines on my cleavage” she explained. Physically scarred by this misadventure, Roger’s partner has done everything to protect herself from UV rays. “It’s true that I feel better in the summer, but for two years I’ve been avoiding the sun because of the fine lines that have appeared. When I was younger, I loved making pancakes all day in full sun, but all that is finished !” she assured.

Delphine Wespiser: this ritual which she does not deviate from during her holidays

Fortunately, Delphine Wespiser also has good memories of summer. The one she prefers? His first vacation without the parents. “In camp on a boat in the Channel Islands, with my best friends. I was 14 years old and it was my very first vacation without my parents. Independence is mine!” she added. Now, when she leaves, she leaves everything behind. “I turn off my phone for a whole day. I also do it on Sundays throughout the year. In summer I also try to do a cure detox networks to live in the moment.” concluded Delphine Wespiser.

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Delphine Wespiser
She has good and bad memories

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3/12 –

Delphine Wespiser
His worst moment?

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Delphine Wespiser
In Cannes, when she took a sunburn…

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5/12 –

Delphine Wespiser
It left her with fine lines

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Delphine Wespiser
Since then she has been very careful


7/12 –

Delphine Wespiser
Her best vacation memory?


8/12 –

Delphine Wespiser
At 14, when she was without her parents


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Delphine Wespiser
The former Miss France loves to travel


10/12 –

Delphine Wespiser and Roger
With his companion Roger it’s crazy love


11/12 –

Delphine Wespiser and Roger
They have been together for many years


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Delphine Wespiser
The young woman is happy

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