EXCLUDED – Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff’s sister comes out of the silence: “They died almost at the same time”

Véronique, the sister of the Bogdanoffs, confided exclusively for Gala. While she was present during their last moments, she claims that the twins died almost at the same time.

54 years old, Véronique is the youngest sister Bogdnanoffs. Sophrologist by profession, she granted Gala a exclusive interview, in which she looks back on the childhood of her brothers, their journey and the relationships they had with each other. Above all, Véronique Bogdanoff made new revelations on the circumstances of death of Grichka and Igor, swept away by the Covid one after the other on December 29 and January 3. “My brothers died six days apart at almost the same time. Grichka at 13:38 and Igor at 13:20“, said the youngest of the family, who sees it as a sign of their strong bond and their more than fusional relationship.

The sophrologist also confirms that Igor, who left on January 3, never knew that his brother had died a few days before. “It was in the coma, he left without knowing“, she confided, before adding:”But we can’t deny that there is this mystery of communication between the twins“, insisted the little sister of scientists.

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“I’m relieved that they left us together”

Present by their side in the hospital, the youngest of the Bogdanoff clan accompanied them until their last breath, “and one, and the other“, she assured, before adding:”It was very important to me“If seeing her two older brothers leave almost at the same time was painful for Véronique, it was also appeasement.Even though it sounds terrible to say, I’m relieved that they left us together. I can’t imagine Igor’s beautiful brown eyes following his brother’s coffin. One did not go without the other“, she delivered.

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