EXCLUDED – Louane “Maman Louve”: her rare confidences on her daughter Esmée

Louane describes herself as a “mother wolf”, during her interview with But also a cool mom who decided to let her daughter experience life on her own. Rare confidences of the young mother.

In full promo for the saga Mage’s island of Rémi Faure, to whom she lends her voice, Louane has agreed to answer questions from This young mother “wolf“of a little Esmée delivered as seldom on her married life with Florian Rossi but also the education of their daughter, Esmée. Born during the first confinement, she has already inherited some character traits of his mother, especially his taste for fashion. Rare confidences of Louane.

This little girl, she owes him a “total protection“. The singer who has just celebrated her 25th birthday is fully aware that Esme did not choose this life in the spotlight. No photo of her is therefore published on social networks or in the press.”I am a wolf mom, let us know the interpreter of Give me your heart. I protect my daughter a lot of all media coverage. “”I already know that she will have a special life: at school, it won’t be easy to be my daughter, for example“, Louane continues.

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“I let her explore, experiment”

If she knows how to play protective mothers, the artist also knows how to let her little protégé have her own experiences. And this even at 20 months. “If she decided to put paste or paint on her head, she does. It’s material. I just manage to limit the damage“, have fun this”cool mom“, as it qualifies.”I let her explore, experiment“, specifies Louane. At just 20 months, Esmée already has the right to choose what she wears and what she plays with.”I don’t force her toys or her dress“, reveals the one who shares her life with Florian Rossi, daddy of the little girl.”My daughter has toys that can be babies, cars … She chooses what she likes and what she wants“, she reports. And this suits perfectly to this young mother who intends to instill in her her values ​​on the rights of women and the fight against inequalities.

“She can wear jogging”

Esme has already inherited some character traits from her mother. And in particular his taste for fashion. “She can wear jogging and the next day a little dress with a Peter Pan collar, Louane said. Like me, today I’m very feminine, while yesterday I was in streetwear. ”

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