Excluded. Natacha Lindinger star of a new TF1 fiction


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Natacha Lindinger will hold the new main role of a TF1 fiction, entitled Entre ses mains. Filming for this new project will begin on February 14.

Natacha Lindinger will soon be in the cast of a new TF1 fiction. According to our information, the actress who plays sat in the front page series, is preparing to start filming a new fiction this Monday, February 14, entitled In his hands. She will play the role of Clara, “lawyer in Annecy, who leads alongside her husband Damien and their two children a serene but monotonous life. One evening, she succumbs to the charm of a mysterious sculptor, Stéphane. This single hot night will have dramatic repercussions for her and her family…

Alongside the actress who appeared in the first season of I promise you, we will find Eric Caravaca in the role of Damien, Yannick Choirat in the role of Stéphane and Amelle Chahbi in the role of Inès. Fleur Greffier will also be in the cast. The fiction, written by Mary Milojevic and Marion Festraëts, will be directed by Vincent Lannoo. Filming will take place in Annecy and its region.

Natacha Lindiger headliner of Entre ses mains on TF1

TF1 viewers will have the pleasure of seeing Natacha Lindinger in a new TF1 fiction. The actress has played Sam in the eponymous series since season 2. We could also find her in the first season of I promise youalongside Guillaume Labbé in the role of Olivia Paris.

Recently, we could see the actress in Germinal, on France 2. Natacha Lindinger also played the role of Micheline Pierson in the third part ofOSS 117, Red alert in black Africa. She notably played alongside Jean Dujardin and Pierre Niney.

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