EXCLUDED – Stéphane Bern in love: his tender secrets about his companion Yori

Stéphane closes the year 2021 on a high note. At the controls of Let yourself be guided this December 28 and The Great Evening of the 31st on France 2, Monsieur Patrimoine made tender confidences about his couple at …

Stéphane Bern is more satisfied than ever. At the controls of Let you to guide this December 28 in France and The Great Evening of the 31st, the favorite host of the French is in heaven. In an exclusive interview granted to, the radio host gives us tender revelations about his new lover, the businessman Yori Bailleres. Both formalized their relationship at the end of June 2021: In the end, we will wonder if we loved or been loved, It’s the only thing that matters. The rest, you know, we go with nothing. I’m quite aware of the finiteness of things and of vanity, but not much of all of this will be left other than loving and being loved and to have saved monuments: it will perhaps remain “, he confesses to us.

Since then, the 58-year-old radio host goes out of his comfort zone and is revealed in complete privacy, in the company of the chosen one of his heart: “Yori has fantasies that sometimes scare me but which amuse me a lot. I couldn’t resist his idea which I found very funny, but there was no water contrary to what people might have thought “, he admits of a recent snapshot posted on Instagram, “At least I will have a picture of my old bathroom (he laughs)”. At the time of the assessment, Stéphane Bern is not a little proud of its year 2021: “I still have the feeling that I have a rather happy 2021 life, if only because I am happy in my life”, he confesses to us.

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In love, Stéphane Bern leaves Paris

In the company of the chosen one of his heart, Yori Bailleres, Stéphane Bern left Paris to settle in the Perche: “We will come back to Paris about two days a week, but you come back as someone who no longer has any real ties or ties …I’m trying to free myself from my chains, it’s a new liberation “. Mad about his companion, the host has found faith in love: “JI am in love I have someone who loves me and whom I love. It’s still wonderful, when we are happy, we want others to be happy too and we try to give others what we have … ” A beautiful idyll that the couple sealed by celebrating Christmas in love.


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