EXCLUDED. Valérie Damidot thinned: this flagship diet that allowed her to abandon her size 48

For some time, Valérie Damidot appears thinner than ever. In the columns of your magazine Closer, the host delivers on how she lost weight, giving up her size 48.

I suffered from the image that was sent back to me“. It is with great sincerity that Valérie Damidot speaks in the columns of your magazine Closer – on newsstands this Friday, April 14. It was in 2006 that the general public became acquainted with this energetic woman. Valérie Damidot then took her first steps as an animator in D&Co, refreshing the antenna of M6 by his banter. Except that at the time its weight has earned it some criticism. “The journalists were surprised that I hosted a prime TV show with a radio physique. I agreed to be the plump on duty because I received a huge support from the viewers“, she confides to us. And to add: “Above all, I realized that staying sincere, showing myself as I was, that is to say cash, spontaneous with a great temperament, was good for people. This experience allowed me to assume myself.

However, for some time now, Roxane and Norman’s mother has appeared thinner than ever. “My size 48 has never prevented me from finding clothes or from pleasing or flourishing“, she tells us straight away. This weight loss, Valérie Damidot started it for the needs of her show, Valérie Damidot exposes herself, currently at the Théâtre du Marais. “After confinement, in view of the performances, I tried to be at the top physically“, she confirms. And for this, she turned to a flagship diet : “In full menopause with thyroid problems, WeightWatchers proved to be the solution.

Valérie Damidot has also taken up sport

In addition to this food rebalancing, the darling of Régis Viogeat has also taken up sport. From now on, she doesn’tmoves only by bike and [s’est] signed up for the gym with [sa] daughter, Roxane. Mother and daughter then practice treadmills, yoga, aquabike and other zumba. “I must admit that the look is not the same when you weigh 80 or 50 kilos…“, she concedes. A discovery that is not new for Valérie Damidot. It must be said that she has not always been a curvy woman. As she proves on stage, with supporting photos, in the past, she has been very skinny.”I changed my silhouette after the birth of my children“, she explains to us. And to tell: “Kid, it was hard to see… to the point that my parents had turned my room into an all-you-can-eat buffet!

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