EXCLUDED VIDEO – “I did it again…”: Josiane Balasko without filter on cosmetic surgery

Currently on promotional tour for his play, A chalet in Gstaadwhich she herself written and directed at the Théâtre des NouveautésJosiane Balasko approached with humor its relationship to cosmetic surgery during an interview with Bernard Montiel. The latter underlined the apparent contradiction of his guest: in the play, the character of Josiane Balasko makes fun of cosmetic surgery, even though the actress used it! “At one point, you mention plastic surgery. You talk about someone and you say: ‘she’s so stretched, she sleeps with her eyes open'”, noted the journalist. To which, the Bronzed woman replied mischievously: “Yes, I think that’s a phrase that can be applied to living people.”

Known for her derision, her humor, but also her transparency and honesty, Josiane Balasko continued with her usual frankness: “Me, I redid my nose (nose). I do not know why. My nose was a bit long, I don’t know what would have happened if I had kept my nose. Finally, I don’t have it anymore, and now I have two perfect profiles, she says in a burst of laughter, joined by Bernard Montiel. She quickly adds: “If you want, This is the thing that makes me no longer take care of my physique at all whereas before I only saw my nose.” An explanation that holds water and illustrates the primary objective of cosmetic surgery: to resolve a real complex and not completely transform your appearance to conform to the beauty standards of our societies.

Sophie Davant, she is also transparent about cosmetic surgery

On October 13, during his visit to the set of C to you, Sophie Davant had also broached the subject of cosmetic surgery. If she fully embraces her age, she was not ashamed to say that yes, she had resorted to cosmetic medicine : I don’t understand this taboo. Today there is a battery of tools. It’s necessary [juste] know why we [y a recours]. If it’s to repair internal wounds, it’s not going to work. It turns into a bottomless pit.”she emphasized, adding: “But if it is to look a little less tiredbe fresh, there, you have to contact good professionals.” In her book, the host also assumed use injections hyaluronic acid and botox in order to blur some wrinkles. For her part, Josiane Balasko has done nothing other than her nose! Her full interview by Bernard Montiel can be listened to this Sunday, November 26, in 1 hour with…, on RFM, from 12 p.m.

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