Excluded. “We have just raised 1 million euros”: the crazy project of Lilian Delaveau (Who wants to be my partner?) To change the funeral business

For Télé-Loisirs, Lilian Delaveau (seen in Who wants to be my associate? On M6) lifts the veil on Life, his new company which aims to transform the funeral business.

For me Requiem code was only a gateway to change the funeral world for the best” entrusts Lilian Delaveau. At 26, this young entrepreneur has not left the investors of Who wants to be my partner? on M6. With his service to create tributes in augmented reality, the young man divided Marc Simoncini and the others. And was even at the origin of a strong discussion between Anthony Bourbon (who bet on him) and Jean-Pierre Nadir. Nine months after the shooting of the M6 ​​show, Lilian Delaveau has agreed to reveal to Télé-Loisirs his new (slightly crazy) project which will transform the business of death.

“A platform that will be the DoctoLib or the AirBnB of funeral directors”

During my second discussion with Anthony Bourbon, he told me that there were lots of things to do in the funeral, he challenged me to do more than Requiem Code. Suddenly, we made what is called a pivot. We didn’t give up Requiem Code but gave it a much broader context, he explained to us. The company has become Life. It completely exceeds the initial ambitions of Requiem Code. Moreover, we have just raised 1 million euros from Parisian investors to change the face of the funeral. We are valued at 10 million euros. Large American funds seem interested. Anthony Bourbon’s 40,000 euros seem far away to me“But what is the nature of this new challenge?

We are in the process of developing a platform which will be the DoctoLib or the AirBnB for funeral directors and funerals. tease Lilian Delaveau. It is on this idea that we have just raised 1 million euros. This platform will connect clients with the ideal funeral director for them. The funeral world, on the whole, has not changed for 20 years. There is a real need to simplify the experience for everyone. It’s already not nice to lose a loved one so if we have to add logistical and administrative problems to the funeral, it’s terrible. Our goal is to prevent people, who are already going through a complicated period, from being scammed by unscrupulous sellers with dishonest practices. By clearly indicating their wishes, desires, needs, the desired music, they will find the best funeral director to better prepare their mourning. At Life, we will take care of connecting them and paying.

Launch this summer

Lilian Delaveau tells us that a first version of Life should be available in June 2022.

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