Exclusive deal: Record streaming content legally with Audials One 2023


Simply record your favorite series on Netflix and Co. and watch them offline or download your favorite band’s latest album from Spotify – all of this is completely legal with Audials One 2023.

The recently released Audials One 2023 software offers you extensive options for recording pin-sharp films, series, documentaries and high-resolution music from your streaming subscriptions and is one of the most popular programs in the segment.

Audials One 2023 with 55% discount (Source: Audials)

The streaming recorder Audials One 2023 transfers videos, music and podcasts from streaming services such as Netflix or Spotify, web radio, as well as live TV streams and media libraries directly to the hard drive – faster than ever before, legally and without loss of quality.

The Audials 2023 software is available exclusively for Netzwelt readers with a discount of EUR 50 on the original price.

Audials One 2023
  • Removes ads as you record

  • Music streaming recording up to 192kHz

  • Alternative sound track for subsequent sound adjustment

  • Optimized for 64-bit and Windows 11 and 10

Until February 1st, Netzwelt readers can get the Audials recording software exclusively at the absolute best price of only 39.90 euros. The RRP is 89 euros, but the provider currently charges 59.90 euros for the software.

Record movies in brilliant quality

The new software from Audials now automatically records videos from all common streaming services in parallel in several sections and reassembles them. According to the manufacturer, this creates a file with the best image quality in the shortest possible time, without disruptions and jerks, which you can save on your hard drive. Where cassettes and VHS used to be a popular recording medium, you can now back up your films, series and music albums – also quite legally – with the software from Audials and benefit from many other advantages and personalization options.

Record without commercial breaks

Despite expensive subscription models, streaming providers are increasingly relying on advertising in video and music streams or podcasts. But annoying interruptions disrupt the experience and are a thing of the past with Audials One 2023: The software automatically removes advertising during recording or marks sections containing advertising so that they and trailers or summaries can be easily cut out in post-processing. So you can decide for yourself and edit the recording according to your wishes.

Record subtitles directly

Perfectly synchronized subtitles are saved in Audials 2023 in any language directly from the streaming provider, either together with the video or as a subtitle level. In addition, subtitles can also be searched and found directly on the Internet in common subtitle databases via the software menu and inserted into the video.

Music streaming recording up to 192kHz

Some music streaming services specialize in lossless studio quality. Thanks to an improved recording algorithm, Audials 2023 also enables its users to record music in the best possible quality and always enjoy a clear, full sound. The beginning and end of each piece of music are adjusted precisely, the volume is normalized and a fade in and fade out is added.

Understand language in film dialogues better

Who doesn’t know it: The speech volume in videos is drowned out by other noises in the film and what is being said is often difficult to understand. A bad mix is ​​to blame. Audials One 2023 creates an alternative audio track in which the speech volume and other noises are adjusted to guarantee optimal acoustic intelligibility.

Perfect processing of the recordings

The post-processing of audio and video recordings becomes child’s play. Separate parts of a video can be exported to a new file and the automatic finding and adding of album or movie tags has also been improved. You can organize your media library clearly and according to your wishes.

Audials One 2023 is optimized for 64-bit and Windows 11 and 10

The streaming recording software for Windows 11 and 10 is now a native 64-bit application and is therefore significantly more powerful, especially when recording high-resolution video.

Buy Audials One 2023

The flagship Audials One 2023 is usually available at audials.com and in specialist shops at a price of EUR 89.90. For a short time only, Netzwelt readers can save a lot via this Audials One 2023 link and only pay 39.90 euros.

About Audials

Audials AG, based in Karlsruhe, is a leading company for software in the field of audio and video streaming recording. The Audials technology has received numerous awards from the international trade press and has been voted the winner in several public polls. The products are available online at Audials.com or in specialist shops. Audials One is also offered to end users as a subscription exclusively on Audials.com. Audials software is optimized for Microsoft Windows operating systems (Windows 11, 10) and is also available as apps for smartphones and tablets for the mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

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