EXCLUSIVE – Discover the new Youth poster with Valérie Pécresse


Alexandre Chauveau, edited by Solène Leroux
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7:56 p.m., March 11, 2022

Europe 1 had exclusive access to the new “Youth with Valérie” Pécresse campaign poster. This will be printed in 57,000 copies throughout France and accompanied by a leaflet which details the program of the candidate of the Republicans in favor of youth.

“Youth is Pécresse!” Here is the new slogan of “Young people with Valérie”, the movement of young Republicans in favor of Valérie Pécresse. Its president, Guilhem Carayon, evokes a “commando operation” to describe the poster campaign and distribution of leaflets carried out in the coming days by the 16,000 members of the movement. This was organized in coordination with Jens Villumsen, a member of the campaign team and long-time supporter of the candidate. “We want to show that, unlike other youth movements, with Emmanuel Macron or Éric Zemmour, we are present everywhere and not just in the big cities. We are as present in Paris as in Lot-et-Garonne”, explains the president of Young LR at Europe 1.

© Youth with Valérie

Leaflet printed in 150,000 copies

On the program for the next 30 days before the first round: massive poster campaign and tracting in front of universities and colleges. The leaflet that accompanies the posters will be printed in 150,000 copies, and summarizes the program of the Republican candidate in favor of young people: creation of a “young entrepreneur” status from the age of 16, generalization of the zero-rate loan, creation of 100,000 student accommodation over five years, or even lowering the age to pass the driving license to 16 years.

4% of voting intentions among 18-25 year olds

“This leaflet aims to restore hope, to show that Valérie Pécresse is capable of offering new perspectives to young people”, says Guilhem Carayon. Valérie Pécresse is lagging behind with this electorate. In the latest Rolling IFOP – Fiducial survey for Paris MatchLCI and Sud Radio, the candidate collects 4% of voting intentions among 18-25 year olds.


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